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Three Reasons To Create Your ROBS Business NOW (and One Not To)

A caller inquired about whether I believe our current economic uncertainty is a good time to initiate a ROBS setup.

ROBS Setup Issues - Part 2

This is part two of a two part article on ROBS setup issues. Click here for part one.

ROBS Setup Issues - Part 1

This is part one of a two part article on some things to consider when creating a ROBS setup.  

Deciding Where to Incorporate

ROBS and SDIRA clients face the same initial decision, where to incorporate their corporation or LLC.

Frankie And Johnnie create a ROBS, and it does them wrong

If two unrelated people create a ROBS funded corporation together, what happens to the plan stock if one of them passes away?


May you invest your IRA into your own business? Only if that business is not a "disqualified person" (DP).


ROBS Downsides

Investing your retirement funds into your own business provides several key advantages or upsides which I will in the next post.

ROBS Strategy for an Existing Business

Although the name ROBS includes the word Startup, the concept can be used for existing business financing. Here’s how.

How Corporate Tax Cuts Help your New ROBS Corporation

The tax changes for corporations passed in 2018 a great year to start your ROBS funded corporation! Why? Glad you asked! Here are the Selden notes.


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